• Understand Photometric Light Analysis Planning

    When you are in the landscape lighting industry as a manufacturer, lighting designer, distributor, or architect specifier, you will often need to reference IES photometric plan files to understand the true output of light and lumen power for the fixtures you wish to install into your designs. For...
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  • Trends in commercial lighting: Versatility and efficiency

    The digital era has been a true revolution in the world of retail. The appearance of electronic commerce necessitates a change of approach in the design of commercial strategies. In this new reality, what role do physical stores play? Traditional commercial spaces face an unprecedented challenge:...
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  • Outdoor lighting: 3 trends that are revolutionising the sector

    Nowadays, the city is the main stage where people’s lives unfold. If we consider that the majority of the global population lives in urban centres and that this trend is only increasing, it seems pertinent to analyse how these spaces are been transformed and what are the challenges faced by...
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